Stepan Balashov




  • Lead Software Engineer at InfoTeCS

    Cybersecurity software corporation, Department of internal automation


    • Led the team of 7 people
    • Transferred the core product to the modern and more suitable stack (Conan + Docker + fresh Debian)
    • Prepared the certification for several products
    • Reduced average build time for core product by more than 50%
    • Released ARM-compatible build for the core product, which allowed running on new hardware
      Python, Conan, Docker, Apache Ant/Ivy, GNU Make, TeamCity, Bash, etc.
  • Software Engineer at InfoTeCS

    Cybersecurity software corporation, Department of internal automation


    • Designed and implemented a Python application, which not only made it possible to certify core products, but made the build process faster, easier, more generic and automated.
    • Set up static and composition analysis pipeline for products to increase code quality and eliminate security risks
    • Studied Ansible, created repo with playbooks, implemented IaaC approach, which significantly simplified administrative tasks
    • Administered TeamCity and optimized build pipelines
    • Integrated Ant/Ivy for flexibility and convenience
    • Made a transition from sandbox build environment to Docker
      Python, Apache Ant/Ivy, GNU Make, TeamCity, Ansible, Bash, etc.
  • Python backend developer at Sixhands

    Outsource, eCommerce, web studio




    • Designed and implemeted all business logic and MVC structure
    • Created API with FastAPI and DRF
    • Single-handedly deployed and maintained all infrastructure and applications, set up the CI/CD
    • Took care of security
      Django, DRF, Docker Compose, nginx, Postgres, etc.
  • Java backend developer at ITMO University

    Internship, bootstrap and infrastucture for students


    • Implemented Service Discovery in Docker Swarm cluster
    • Created and deployed auth microservice
      Java, Spring, Docker Swarm, Eureka, JWT

Pets and startups:


    A service to create photos for documents online based on neural networks

      Go, Python, gRPC, Docker, nginx
  • ideen

    Smart data network based on international patent database

      NLP, ML, CS, Python



  • Russian, native
  • English, C1